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Locowin - unethical business practices?

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so, I just got stripped of my winnings for my first time in playing Online-Casinos (5 yrs+, 50 Casinos+).

I deposited 50€ on Locowin yesterday. They are operated by Gammix Limited, whom I knew from playing at 7gods Casino.
I ran that up to 1350€, playing a variety of games. I started my withdrawal and today was notified that my winnings had been stripped away.

Apparentely, I breached their Bonus Terms. They state, on the very end of the Document, that you are prohibited to play a list of certain games while having an active Bonus.

The List consists of many prominent Games from prominent Providers. Including Book of Dead, Vikings, Secret of the Stones, Reactoonz, Eggomatic ..and so on. It's around 50-60 Slots.


Now, I accept the fact, that it was my fault to not check the Bonus Terms from head to toe. Since I knew that 7gods was legit, I just assumed that they would be similar and just skimmed over it. Stopping after I reached the end of the Bonus Terms Section. Because most of the time, all Casinos from the same operator, share more or less the same Terms.


But honestly, to me, this particular restriction's sole existence seems like a way to create a loophole for denying players, who don't study the Terms good enough, their winnings.


Having this kind of restriction is NOT usual business practice in Online Casinos. And NOWHERE on the site to they refer or hint at that restriction, except for the very last sentence in their AGB.  Additionally, this particular term comes AFTER the section for the General Bonus Terms. There's some other arbitrary section, before they than come back to some more Bonus terms, stating you are prohibited to play this list. To me, this is concious deception.

They even actively promote almost all of these games on their starting page.

In Addition, the games on this List don't seem to share any kind of connection in terms of variance or gameplay.

Some are high variance, others are the opposite. It's just a colorful mix of popular slots from prominent providers.


This feels like a scam.


Edited by unluckyBonus123

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Hey, I shall instantly direct our contact to this forum post, as I do agree with you that despite it being listed in the terms this is rather unusual. 

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Dear unluckyBonus123

I have reviewed your case and can see that a majority of the gameplay was performed in slots which are strictly forbidden to play with an active bonus, the list of forbidden slots(with an active bonus) consists of around 30 out of 800 available slots. It is unfortunate that you did not read this particular term beforehand when accepting the terms and conditions of our website but due to the severity of the breach we can’t make an exception in this case.

At the moment it is not technically possible for us to block or warn players from entering a game that is prohibited to play with an active bonus in the way that you describe.
However, as we always strive to improve our casino I have submitted your input to the relevant department, to try to find a way that we can make the players more aware about the terms and conditions that applies when playing with an active bonus.

We don’t actively promote any of the games found on the list of forbidden games to play with an active bonus, though the algorithm for the game browser favours the last played games and will put these among the games displayed on top of your game browser.

Locowin would like to thank you for your input and feedback and helping us on our quest to always continue to improve our casino. Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly live support or reach out via e-mail at support@hd.locowin.com in case you have any further questions or concerns.

Best regards,
Locowin casino,

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This site is really bad... My account got fully verified and they said "it can take up to 48hrs to approve your withdrawal" Ive been waiting for  60hrs now.. When I contact them via livechat they only say "oh we are so sorry but we have unusually many withdrawals at the moment" I call bullshit.. 


Dont play on this site guys.. Its going so slow!

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Had the same thing today, i deposited 200 euro with the welcome bonus i got 400. Completed my wager with 3600 left. My withdrawal got cancelled and my balance deleted because i played games that i wasnt allowed to. If you ask livechat they only have standard answers and dont really help because theyre part of the scam. 

On there site they mention fair play everywhere, but there not even fair. They should block the games that youre not allowed to play. To prevent this from happening. But then they will have to pay out more and thats what they dont want. 



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