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Time limit to bonushunts


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Gonna keep it short and easy. 
I would like too see you put a time limit to how long bonushunts should be before opening the bonuses.
Now I know last day hunt (aug 21:th) where you had 20k and got 70 bonuses isnt how bonushunts usually folds out, but hunting for almost 7 hours straight without opening any bonuses tends to be a bit too long (which also was very notable in how toxic chat became after a few hours). 

I know it is impossible to make everyone happy and ofcourse if the hunt is running really hot there is no point in stopping it to open the bonuses.
Just maybe limit it so the hunting itself is max 1-2 hours?

Gratz on the cashout anyhow, much deserved after all these decoposits on Jefe. 😃

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