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Dunder- Shady behavior


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Hey all,

I just want to explain my situation with dunder.com and advice players to think carefully before signing up there. have seen quite a few streamers play there so I thought it would be pretty safe. I started with the first deposit bonus of 40 euro so I had 80 euro to play with and 2000 wager to complete.


It is going pretty well for me and I decide to save my bonuses to play when I have lower balance. I always read t&c carefully as I would like to not have a problem with the casino site. The only rule they have is rule 10.12 which states this

"10.12 Winnings from "free spin" or "bonus" rounds features initiated with bonus funds but completed after the bonus has been wagered, lost or forfeited will be removed."


Now what I did was go to balance 0.03 which is not bonus lost and I managed to gather 12 bonuses from 12 slots, I played my first one which was happy halloween and won 21.72 euro, I press spin again and I see the balance drop to 0. Now I thought this was just some error so i played the rest of the bonuses. I end up "winning" over 357 euro but still having 2 bonuses left to play but the balance 0.


Now what they said is that the balance went below 0.1 and therefor I forfeited the bonus. This is nowhere stated in the t&c and I would of course not have gone below that then. I end up going back and forth with them to prove that they can take the bonus away if I got below 0.1 balance and to show where it is in writing in the t&c. I end up getting this answer which I of course knew all along " as you are correct I have added back the amount".


Now that amount they added back is the 21.72 euro I won from the first bonus I played, I ask them what about the rest and they state that they only owe this because I had no money left to play the others. Now if you look at the image with the bonuses, it clearly says I won 21.72 which they agreed and they were wrong to remove the bonus. Then I placed a bet of 0.03 which would leave me of course with the 21.72 euro balance when I played the rest so of course all should be funded back to my account. This has been going back and forth now and they are always talking to a new manager and now they are refusing to pay up.


I just want fair play, the house has enough edge already and doesn't need to take more money away from people, how are the players supposed to win if casinos decide when and if they feel like it to take your money due to no reason? I have asked them countless times to prove how I abused the bonus, I still had 1090 wager left so there was nothing to abuse, I just wanted to try a new casino.


They have twice now admitted that they were wrong but still refuse to pay up, they even say they are going to specify this rule (i.e i'm correct) this is not a high amount so i'm not too mad about that. It's just that we have all these t&c to follow but still we cannot win because they can bend the rules in their favour.


thank you for taking your time to read this and good luck gambling.














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I hope you get closure on this and i hope some people here can help possibly Casinodaddy.


Although i must add most casinos you cannot go below a certain amount eg €5 or €50 if doing a bonus hunt,

You must ask this before you do one on any casino with a bonus balance even if deposit + bonus. But as you

had not tried to bonus abuse by collecting bonuses with bonus balance then re-depositing it should not be a big issue.


I think you will get your balance back. Its pretty sad if not.. Keep us updated mate!

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