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Playing in Poland

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Hello ,

Got a little problem . 

So .. i normally live in Uk and I own an UK bank account . My girlfriend is from Poland and I came with her for our christmas holiday to Poland . Big surprise for me that none of the casinos that I know wont let me play from here . I know that Poland is one of the most restrictive countries when it comes to online gambling but there has to be an online casino that I can play from here using my uk card and uk address and stuff . I would be able to wait until I get back to uk as im not an hardcore player but I will be here for a while so its good to have something to do . Played on virgingames for a while without realising that Im not allowed to play outside uk and they rejected my x330 WD and closed my account .

Thanks !

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Hey buddy, I hope it's not too late as I just saw this topic.

I am from Poland and I'm pretty experienced in evading the restrictions.

Here are some legit casinos in which I've never encountered any problems with withdrawals:

A tip: sometimes the Finance Ministry blocks the domains of certain casinos and they immediately register another domain containing a number after original name. For example: www.betsafe.com is not accessible in PL so they created www.betsafe1.com and so on. Now we're at www.betsafe55.com ;)


alfcasino (dont know the number)

cadoola casino






gunsbetcasino (check if it's legit - I only know it's accessible)




BTW. Ground casinos suck here, don't even bother. Cheers

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