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Sugar Casino doesn’t pay

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A few days ago I accepted a bonus on Sugar casino. I already played Lots of different casino’s also via this site. 

I did a €100,- deposit and had a €100,- bonus. 

I did €2,- spins and won a 1800x bonus (€3600,-). To finish my wagering off €1700,- I started to do higher bets (€5,-) I am used to that the casino doesnt allowed to let you play and blocks the bet so you can not make the mistake.

after wagering I had a balance off €4200,- and did a withdraw requested. They needed some papers and I profided it. After 2 days I got a mail that my withdraw was cancelled and that my money was taken by the casino. It was because I did €5,- bets instead off €4,- bets. 

I know it is better to read the terms first but I played over 25 casino’s and never had this problem.

when I contacting support they dont want to help and say that I nees to send a mail.


I Made 1 small mistake with the bets and they took all the money. It is not fair in my opinion. Can somebody advice me?

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