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Casoo - Withdrawal denied and account blocked.

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I created and made my first deposit the 12:th of december, 200 euro + 200 euro bonus. Maxbet was 2euro with this bonus and i didnt bet more or less then 2 euro during the whole turnover process. I requested a withdrawal of 2000 euro and was asked to provide documents. The 18:th of december my documents where verified and i requested a withdrawal again, got told that they cant withdraw to mastercard so i had to make an account at ecopayz.com so i created an account there and made a deposit through ecopayz to verify it. Requested a new withdrawal after that and they've delayed and delayed. I've mailed them 2-3 times a week and they've just said please be patient. This last week i got a phonecall from them, they asked a bunch of questions like what games i had been playing and how much my biggest win was etc. I responded on everything i could remember since it had been over a month since i played and won there. They where not satisfied with my answers and wanted to have a skype conversation with me while i was camming. We did that last week and now i got this e-mail - https://gyazo.com/3c387b0d8d288cba0986f92ee0d9fbcb
I was watching a twitch stream while talking to the guy, i had no clue i had to have eye contact with the phone the whole conversation. All the rules etc he links in that mail i have followed to a 100% didnt abuse anything. I dont know what to do here, any advice?

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Tell the Casino  to check properly,if not you will post about their casino on social media .Only European Casino always got problems,as my Asia Casino (Depositing not over $10k a day and withdrawal not over $25k a day with all processing in and out transaction for only 15 minutes.I believed European Casino will took weeks to withdraw and got limited withdrawal.Its seem like non financial Casino to me.Their bonus up to 100% to 200% is to attract player to join their casino,after that they making so much trouble if you got big win.Never got online Casino with such a bad rules,they only want win.Greedy about to get % bonus from the casino will always jump in to the hole for them.Just Check at google,in google all listed is the casino with licenses and also from google u can find available casino online for your country.A good casino will promote their casino in google for sure.

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