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PRINTER OF THE MONTH - €450 Guessing Competition February 2020

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The POTM winner in February is »»► Masse with the 2845x win on Joker Troupe 

Here are Februarys winners in the competition:

1st: mjhp01
€200 + 3000 DaddyPoints
 ► with a guess on Masse - 2879x ( 34 away )

2nd; FomiCS
€150 + 2000 DaddyPoints
 ►  with a guess on Masse - 2882x ( 37 away )

3rd; Aar0n1212
€100 + 1000 DaddyPoints
 ► with a guess on Masse - 2888x ( +43 away )


Congratulations to you guys, contact me here on forum or on Twitch ( @Qajjan on twitch )

You have to claim your prize before friday the 6:th of March

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Hello Casinofam!◄ 

Who will be the printer of February? Participate in this months guessing competition and win a share of €450 RAW cash! The options are; Masse, Ante, Ebro, Jesus or Ogge.

How to join? 
To join please put the following information in the thread below
1; Your Twitch username or a link to your Youtube profile
2; The name of who you think is going to be the printer of the month for February
3; The x win the winner is going to be victorious with.


What can you win? 

Total Prize Pool: €450 Raw + 6000 DaddyPoints

1st Place: €200 + 3000 DaddyPoints
2nd Place: €150 + 2000 DaddyPoints
3rd Place: €100 + 1000 DaddyPoints

Raw money winners get paid through a Skrill or Neteller account!

How can you win it? 
Simply follow the steps above to join. The 3 people with the closest guesses and the correct name will take the prizes! 


The thread will be closed friday night 31:th of January.

Make sure to enter before then!


- Must be 18+ to participate
- Only 1 post for the duration of this giveaway per IP, household, PC. Double post will be rewarded with an exclusive prize of a permban by a mod of your choosing
- You can only win ONCE in the entire giveaway
- When you win, pm me your Skrill e-mail on TWITCH
- Thread will remain open until 31-01-'20. Editing your guess after this date is prohibited. If you do so you will be disqualified. 


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