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24 h stream for Ebro Suggestions

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Few games hunt ( like lil devil ) but not on big screen ? maby get 1 game on few diff site's and try to get the bonus games?


2: Giveaway :

This time maby use the command !raffle to pick winners, people typ for example "join" , in this way it looks way more fair then when a streamer picks randomly or whatever.


every 1 hour :

250 points giveaway 1 person

50 euro giveaway 1 person


Every 12 hours :

Gaming chair giveaway


Every 6  hours :

2 Winners > both get to buy a bonus for max (200 euro ) if it wil make profit they get 75 % off the profit for example Bonus buy 200 euro > wins 300 euro winner gets > 75 euro

and maby some fun like 5 people who win with raffle , can choose 5 different games ( 20 spins ea ) Biggest X win gets 50 euro raw



And alot of fun ofc :)!


Reward for people who watch 24 hour straight :


every 1 hour you must post on forums a check list .

After 24 h , the people who watched the most will get a reward ( 10 people will be able to win this , 10 raffle winners they get a changes of 50 euro raw cash or 200 euro bonus buy with same rules as stated before?:)

Or make a Topic on forums everyone has 5 minuts to reply > people who are in are able to win a chair or something ? )



I never won any giveaway but i dont mind i just want a Tshirt one day :)



Gl and i be watching 24 hours if  i don't have to work, since i work with disabled people i work 7 days a week atm. . but maby i can get a day off ..


HAve fun lads!

Sorry bad english but on phone

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tag for casinodaddy

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