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slotty vegas blocked account due to typo of date of birth with confiscation 2442$

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Good day, I was registered on the site slottyvegas in 2017 made a Deposit with master cards after not playing . After watching the streamers again decided to make a recent Deposit was lucky to win 165k rubles on Friday . Requested documents all approved and clarified why the date of birth is not correct , I replied obviously that a typo during registration can AutoFill can generally they have a bug occurred it was in 2017, the rules are not what did not break bonuses did not take a Deposit won 165 thousand rubles, 3 days I was answered by saport about this date of birth, after which today I received a letter.

where is the point of setting a date of birth 01.01.1930 as answered in support, in my personal account there is no information about the date of birth I registered 3 years ago , I think that I was deceived because the amount of $ 2242 is large for them ! Please note that they verified all my documents , this is absurd and a robbery on the money won honestly !


Hi Igor,

My name is Puneet, a member of the Verification team here at SlottyVegas.

I would like to inform you that we have unfortunately been unable to verify your account.

As a result your account has been closed with immediate effect, all bets voided, funds forfeited, and your email removed from our mailing list. Your last deposit will be refunded to your Neteller account within the next 72 hours.







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Did you sign up with casino daddy? Michel could help you if so

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