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Withdrawal missing 49400NOK gone

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Hey what do you guys think about this and what should i do:



In the beginning of April i deposited a small amount to my Justspin account with my Visa card. I ran it up to 120 000 NOK but ended it with cashing out 50 000 NOK to my bank account, no problem money was on my account next day.

Mid April i did it again: Every time i won around 10 000 NOK on slot or roulette i put on between 5000 and 9900 NOK on withdrawal. When i lost i removed a few withdrawals pending inbetween my wins and losses. I ran it up to 69 000 NOK, removed around 20 000 NOK and the remaining 49 000 NOK got accepted withdrawn (i could not take it back to my account). 

In the meantime of me waiting for the 49K to come to my bank account i played around with the remaining 20 000 NOK on my justspin account. I ran it up to around 90 000 NOK mainly on roulette doing the same thing (put on 9900 nok pending cashouts). I ended up canceling all that 90 000 NOK and lost it, bad decision put still in big profit waiting for the 49K NOK i cashed out from my just spin account.


The waiting game for my money begins:

While i was waiting for my cashout to arrive in the following day i make a few small deposits to try my luck again with no success. 

I thought maybe something was wrong with the 49k i was waiting for so i started the first support chat ending with this on 23.april:


"(11:15:56 AM) Naomichi: The funds will be in your account for 0-5 days:)"

With that being done with i was feeling good and deposited a little and started playing on the site again, lost but that was fine.


Support chat back and forth starts:


By the 27th of april i asked again if something was wrong i got this msg:


(01:14:35 PM) Sonja: if you can't see the money we need bank statement from you from 21.4 until today, showing all the transactions, after that the payment team can have a look at the missing funds.

I sent that and waited longer.

28th of april i got this msg:


"Vi kontakter deg fra Justspin kundesupport! Uttaket ditt ble kansellert da du prøvde å betale ut på sparekontoen din, fordi kredittoverføringen forbyr dette.

I asked  Withdrawal. So last update i got was: My withdrawal has been canceled due to trying to take it out to my savings account, because the credit transfer forbid that. So my question is what we do from here?

And got this:


"We are contacting you from Justspin customer support!

The withdrawal was sent to you yesterday, the money should arrive in your bank account 0 -5 working days from now."

Between 28th and 4th of may it was back and forth with the same questions before this:


"Can you please send a PDF file of the bank statement?

If you come up with any other questions, don´t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!"

That i did and today Justspin came back to me with this answer:




"Hi again Christablet,

Our Payments Department has informed me that they have completed the verification of the document right now, but the withdrawal could not be processed since you had played the funds after the transaction was reversed. 

Let me know if I can assist you further regarding this case. 

Best Regards, 




What do i do from here:


I would defenitly noticed if there all of the sudden 49 000 nok was back onto my justspin account

In this period:

Total 383374.74 Withdrawal

Total 333.975.58 Reversed withdrawal

Missing   49 399.16 NOK

 I know i am 100% in the right here.


I sent him a msg again trying to explain everything again and he said he will forward the msg but i got a bad feeling they will not do anything about this, and i have screenshots.

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