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Avoid Locowin

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Avoid LocoWin - They take winnings.. They say bonus buys are permitted with bet sizes under $4, but if you do buy one, they will void your winnings. They claim because their system can't tell what the bet size is that balances can be removed.   There are many complaints about them online.

From their support:
"we don't forbid to buy a bonus during an active bonus but it is more than 4 euro you are breaking our t&c  and as i said before you did before the wager was over"

"we are unable to see if you buy a bonus in the game what we can check it is the amount of the bet.  that's why we suggest to not buy bonus in the game during an active bonus especially if the amount is more than 4 euro "


I completed a bonus  after depositing $25 and had a finishing balance of $200.
I played a bunch more - for hours, and hit an amazing win on Barbarian Fury of 1000x, and a huge win on Punk Rocker too - when I submittd my withdrawals of $1000 and $825 they reset my account balance to $25.  They said that bonuses can be bought with a bet size under $4, but that they can't see if you bought a bonus and so they voided all of my winnings.  I wouldn't have continued playing if I knew my winnings were void - my biggest wins were after the wager was completed and I played through that balance anywways.

I bought a 30 cent bonus buy on mega wolf ways - once, and it paid around $90, and because of that they have removed $2000 from my account that was won hours after the wager was completed.


They are refusing to respond to e-mails and there are many complains about them online.  This is ridiculous that they can operate this way.  I also found in their terms and conditions that they ban many popular slots during a bonus, but still promote them as top slots - your bonus will be void if you play any of them.  Luckily I didn't play any of them and was concerned when I saw the many complaints about how they try to cancel winnings and was very worried that they would try to not honor my withdrawals.  I woke up and they said I voided the T&C even though what their support says goes against their T&C.


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