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Bounty Raid Giveaway by Red Tiger Gaming, Party Casino and CasinoDaddy



The winners of this competition are


1. Euky - RedTiger Bean bag

2. ede_dota - RedTiger Hoodie

3. fallen2525 - Mini phone

4. timschaeffer - Beach towel

5. Polli35 - Redtiger slides

6. darkhearted - Redtiger Polo

7. Squidlips86 - Redtiger Polo


the winners need to contact me and provide their name and delivery address before friday 10:th of July Contact me here or on Twitch ( @Qajjan ) 

How I drew the winners randomly: 



Message added by Qajjan

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Hello Casinofam! 

Welcome to a new unique giveaway brought to you by Red Tiger, PartyCasino & CasinoDaddy - Red tiger have released their new slot  Bounty Raid - and there's something in it for you! 

We will give away a total of 10 prizes to 10 winners

You ONLY have to win one time, on ANY betsize and you are eligible to enter!!

The prizes are given out RANDOMLY so no highest X-win needed


How to join? 
Bounty Raid on PartyCasino With REAL money ( only wins on Bounty Raid made on PartyCasino are valid in the giveaway ) Anyone who makes a spin with real money and win on Bounty Raid is eligible to enter this competition -  ( NO Minimum stake -  Leave your twitch name or Youtube profile under your entry. )



What can you win? 


Total Prize Pool: 10 RED TIGER MERCH ITEMS

1st Prize -   2-2.jpg.222790d740d82c4fb5c5bb1590ac8f09.jpg Red Tiger Bean Bag

2nd Prize - 3-3.jpg.b71756f404809323a1391afdc5e0ed0d.jpg Red Tiger Hoodie       

3rd Prize - 6-6.jpg.d46a54f0a48624ff7b2775c0c670b517.jpg Mini Phone                

4th Prize - 4-4.jpg.30a5ce388cc9df2df833d13b9b093345.jpg Beach Towel           

5th Prize - 1-1.jpg.d20518a1676cfd485097fce3f8177c33.jpg Slides                          

6th Prize - 5-5.jpg.7599dc45065928ca4e155fc94d865c6d.jpg Polo Shirt                   

7th Prize - 5-5.jpg.7599dc45065928ca4e155fc94d865c6d.jpg Polo Shirt                              

8th Prize -  8-8.jpg.3b4c3199d3371260f08f990f93624d6d.jpg Bluetooth Rock Speaker 

9th Prize - 7-7.jpg.70a26668b2639319ee05414f30e10c8c.jpg Cap,Sunglasses, bottle opener 

10th Prize - 7-7.jpg.70a26668b2639319ee05414f30e10c8c.jpg Cap,Sunglasses, bottle opener   


How can you win it? 

You can start to play the 26:th of June and at the 5:th of July, at midnight, this thread closes. Anyone who makes a spin on Bounty Raid and WIN is eligible to participate in this competiton. Just post a screenshot here of your win ( The screenshot has to show that you play on  PartyCasino 

The winners will be drawn randomly so everyone participating has the same chance to win!

( You can choose your size on hoodies, size and color of the Polo Shirt and size of the sliders )




- Register here: PartyCasino

- Must be 18+ to participate

- You need to play this game on PartyCasino 

- The screenshot need to show that you play on PartyCasino

- The win has to be visible in the screenshot

- You must write your Twitch/Youtube username along with your screenshot.

- You need to play with REAL money - Posting wins with playmoney will get disqualified

- Only 1 post for the duration of this giveaway per IP, household, PC. Double post will be rewarded with an exclusive prize of a permban
- You can only win ONCE in the entire giveaway

- If any of the requirement are not fulfilled your entry will be disqualified

- We ( CasinoDaddy ) reserve the right to change the duration of the giveaway or the terms at our discretion if needed. 
- Winners must contact Qajjan / @MichaelTavic before 10/07/2020 on twitch or here on Forum to claim the prize. The winners need to provide their 
PartyCasino username, e-mail and shipping information


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58x highest win after 2000 Spins! wtf? :D


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well here ya go.



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