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World record win!


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Story time:


So, i was laying in my bed, couldnt sleep. For some reason, i logged into Bethard, and i havent used Bethard for over 2 years.


On bethard, i find 1000 SEK that i had forgot to withdrew or something, however, im thinking, why not play some casino then (Almost never play myself, only watch stream)


I start of playing some jammin 10 sek bets, goes very well and i end on 6k SEK. I withdraw 3k sek and i save 3k sek for a bonus buy. I decide to go for return of kong and this shit happens... 


TLDR: Deposit 0kr. Withdraw 208K kr :)


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HOLY CRAP bro, what an insane win and even a better cashout ;) gratz bro and dont give them all back now

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