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LeoVegas giving me the run around

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So wanted to share this frustrating experience with Leo Vegas. 

The short story is I had a deposit go missing. There is record of it on my account history and it was deducted from my bank but its not available on the website. So speaking to their support they said that it was canceled and would be returned to my bank. They said wait a few business days. I did wait but nothing happened. So I contacted them and they said wait longer. So then a two weeks later and now they are acting like they have no record of the deposit and are trying to get me to prove I made it. Even tho you can see the deposit in the account history and they initially told me its on the way. (ps, I haven't made very many deposits so its not like its hidden in pages of data). I've submitted documents from my bank but they keep asking for more. I've had like a dozen emails going back and forth and a few online chats. Everyone seems to know nothing. Its like I have to start from scratch every time. Its not even that much money but here I am spending hours trying to get it back. It feels like a complete run around. Over 2 weeks and they are still being difficult. 

I had other issues too. I experienced lots of buggy behavior on their website and tried to inform them of it but they just dismissed my feedback and implied it was my error and "I just need to clear my cookies". I actually had all kinds of deposit issues with them processing transactions that I believed from the on screen display were canceled. I even screen recorded once to prove the situation was happening. They said the transaction was declined but still took the money from my bank. This happened a few times now too. I wish stopped sooner. 

I'm sharing this with the hope of sparing someone else all this hassle and for them to maybe take their customers more seriously. They have a lot of work to do before I would ever consider recommending or using their site again. 

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