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We are happy to inform you that the GRAND meme thread is back, revived and improved - Presented and sponsored by Yggdrasil


Have a funny meme? Post it here and have a chance to win some raw cash!

The meme should have something to do with CasinoDaddy, not totally off topic. 

the 3 first prizes are for either video or picture and prize 4 & 5 are reserved for pictures only!


The MEME review will take place the last Friday each month! Starting Friday 30th of April


Monthly Prizepool


1st: €1000

2nd: €500

3rd: €300

4th: €100

5th: €100







- Must be 18+ to enter
- One meme entry per person/IP per month

- No copyrighted music in the videos 

- Make sure your meme is not against Twitch Terms of Service. Use common sense and if you're not sure - Ask before you post.

- If the meme is a video, plz just make ONE meme out of it, not like 3 memes in one video

- If you submit a video, make sure it's not over  3 mins long or it might get removed. 

- Make sure to write your Twitch or Youtube name in the post so we know who you are

- The Daddy points prize is obviously only obtainable if you have a Twitch account



Winners please contact Qajjan here on forum or on Twitch.

( Winners needs to claim their prize within 7 days  )

Winners will be paid through Skrill! Youtube and Twitch, show your best. 


Past month's winners


2021-04-30: 1st: Whitewolf3355   €1000 ► 2nd: MartianAnteater €500 ► 3rd: Pastela  €300 ► 4th: cross fart €100 ► 5th: Vogelaart €100


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Masse Masse Congratz for 5 years bros. First time posting a meme about Masse. Masse did make the content. Sorry about the bad quality. Hope you enjoy. Twitch: martinas 2021-04-24-024323203.

No one can resist the attraction of Morgana Johansson  YeahThat      

Congratz on the 5 years CD family ❤️ Untitled.mp4

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Feel free to post your memes here guys! If your meme from the old thread has not yet been reviewed - post it here! Next review will be Friday April 30th!

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A mock up of the upcoming Twitch TOS warning announcements to play before all slot streams.
(this may only hit home for those born prior to 1995 who can voice the movie piracy warning in their heads whilst reading it)
(...or fans of IT Crowd)


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Since Gogge grow this goatee beard i decided to make a scuffed meme for him. Also he deserves to be a potm. Follow the pictures!
Twitch: bloodknight1




pokemon 3.jpg


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Friday 23rd of April we will celebrate CasinoDaddys fifth birthday AND also, we will launch CasinoDaddy 3.0 - The new improved CasinoDaddy!


CasinoDaddy 3.0 is going for new market shares!


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I couldn't sleep last night so here you have a quite scuffed "Story MEME" :D 
Enjoy guys and I can't wait for CD 3.0! LeeeetsGO 🤑







//Lurker on Twitch: GinStriker

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