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Pragmatic Slots and Responsible Gambling :)

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So, i have asked this many times in the past in chat on stream but it was never answered,but i would really like to know as i like you guys alot and you are only gambling streamers i watch regularly, how come you guys still play Pragmatic slots? with all the shit they are doing, allowing 25k bonus buys to obvious fake streamers we all know who they are, promoting against everything that responsible gaming stands for, paying people to play their slots, and more, i used to like prag and their slots, but this is really unacceptable what they are doing, there are many many posts on bigwinboard about it aswell like this one : https://www.bigwinboard.com/forum/casinos/pragmatic-play-and-fake-money-streamers/ , just curious, Thanks.

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Now a large number of players are complaining about slots. Those who play online really need to be vigilant with these machines. For example, I played these games when I first started playing online. Now, honestly speaking, I'm not interested anymore, I prefer games where you need to think, rather than mindlessly pressing buttons and becoming a victim. But I want to draw your attention to the fact that slots are random wins and wins. Nevertheless, it is very important to keep track of whether the services you are playing are licensed. Check their legality and reliability in your country!

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Slots was one of the favs. But lately, all information on the internet about them is negative. They really need to up their game.

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