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Betvili Slow Withdraw

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Hey there!

Betvili is really slow at cash out.

Currently i try to withdraw 2500 EUR since monday morning.
After 3 days i asked through the chat if everything with the withdrawal is okay and got the response:
Everything is fine with it, but i should keep in mind, that the first withdraw take longer, because it runs through the security checks from betvili.
But, how long is "longer"? Current State: Day 7, Withdraw is still pending. On other Casinos it takes normally max. 48h, but on Betvili.. i don't know. Didn't get an answer when exactly.

EDIT: Got today (29.04.) contact from the support with a  message from the payment team with the question, if it's possible that i cancel the withdrawal and split it into 5x 500 EUR to withdrawal 500 week by week. Is this normal with winnings at this amount?

Hope Casinodaddy can help here a bit.

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