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Beem Casino - A nightmare

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Hey guys,

I am from Sweden. I signed up on Beem Casino in late March trying to use CasinoDaddy bonus code. As per usual, using the code never works for me so I have to play raw.

So I played and I won... very good. From 500euro to 2700.

I wanted to withdraw that money but every withdrawal took days to get an answer that the deposit was rejected. After 2-3 weeks they finally notified me that I had to play 3x my initial deposit in order to withdraw money. I have to flip 3x my deposit on a raw deposit?! WHAT? Very well...

If they want me to play I play... so I did 40 euro spins... guess what: I got myself a 5405 euro balance from that.

But... wanting to withdraw still took more weeks before they told me I could only withdraw 1000euro per day. Very well. I asked support to do that for me. They withdrew 500euro and now it's been over a week since the withdrawal was accepted on the site. I see no money in my bank account.

I have done 2 more withdrawal requests on different days for 1000euro each. They are still pending. No answer anymore from support. And I mean, the support isn't even live chat. It's e-mail support. I hope I don't have to do 500euro withdrawals on this pace. Then it's gonna take half a year to get my balance withdrawn.

I did a little more gambling on the site yesterday because why the hell not... it's not like I'm ever gonna get that money back anyways. So I started with 3000euro balance from all my pending withdrawals that don't show on the account and guess what... I won more and have a little over 5000 euro balance. But then the site glitched for me. The screen have turned white.

I try to open the site on a different browser without logging in. The site works. I try logging in, it works.. but a few seconds later the screen turns white. Am I banned on the site or something?

I am nervous about the balance on the site, if I ever gonna be able to withdraw the money at all. Since even the withdrawal that has gone through doesn't even show up in my bank account after a week. I mean it could be that it's a slow transfer, sure. I can wait 7-14days for a withdrawal no problems. But I would probably never ever play there again when there are hundreds of other casinos that have good and easy withdrawals in seconds to a day or two.

I hope I don't have to wait several weeks in between every withdrawal for the withdrawal to be accepted on the site.

Over all, the site works great. They have good games. Deposits works great. Withdrawals - You will probably never get your money or you have to wait months. I mean when I first tried to withdraw money there wasn't even an option for withdrawal to a bank account. Only VISA card, Astropay, Crypto.

Support is doing the best they can but it's only e-mail for now.

I wouldn't recommend my experience with Beem Casino to my worst enemy. If you have mastercard, don't think you can withdraw to that. Only VISA.

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Just wanted to come back and give a quick update.

I have recieved information two weeks back that the withdrawal limits are 500euro per day and max 2500euro per week.

With that, doing 500euro is a hustle to log in to a site not working properly every day. I have to have the screen very limited in size on my screen for it to work. I tried to play spins on games but it crashes. Only amount bet per spin working is like 0,4euro for the webpage not to crash (white screen).

So far... I have been able to withdraw 1100 euro. Support is telling me that they are looking at my requests as soon as possible.

I have alot of 1000 euro withdrawals that have not yet been denied by the site so now I am at a 0 balance and cannot do 500euro withdrawal request anymore every day, but I have been quite consistent the last weeks. I still don't understand if I have to write to the support email for every withdrawal request that I do.

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Update: So... they have since may 21st been able to pay out 300.16euro in one payout.

I did do a post on Askgamblers.com aswell and Beem have come back and said they would do a payout to me. I don't know what amount. They had problems with the payout on thursday 3rd June and said to try again on friday 4th of June, so I'll see on monday-thuesday.

They have also rejected a 500euro withdrawal, one of my many. I have no clue if I need to request withdrawal of that amount aswell. But they have told me to only do 100euro withdrawal requests forward. I don't feel like doing that every day. I hope to be paid out everything that is requested. If that 500euro is still left on my balance, I could either play with it or withdraw it later. But mostly I do feel like not playing there anymore, because IF I do win again... I'm not gonna see that money for a couple of months anyhow.

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Final update:

Okey so now it is all over. I have finally gotten all my money withdrawn. It only took about 4 months but now it's completed. I think the thing that helped me was them knowing that I play at alot of different casinos so I was contacted by their VIP team. As soon as the withdrawals were completed they contacted me with a bonus offer. I sure am not going to play at their scuffed casino.

As stated before, if somebody were to play at Beem Casino. You can expect to not see your money for a very very long time or at all. I think the casino is scaring away their customers instantly which I interpret as a dying casino. Perhaps they will better themselves in the future once they get the cashflow liquidity, who knows right.

But as stated before, I wouldn't even wish for my worst enemies to have their money stuck in Beem Casino.

Take care!

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