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Progressplay owe £25800 Betsteve + Betdukes + 2kbets

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I saw the complaint about Maxibet so I know progressplay have form here.

I placed some bets at dog odds not expecting them to come in. I had been using Betsteve, Betdukes and 2kbets since late May, early June. The one account at each site, no bonuses. I withdrew £25800 total on 7th July when I was all finished. I was already verified, but sent another set of documents anyway cause I know how this goes. Then I waited 2 weeks.

It’s now 27th July.

Had no emails since the withdrawal, which is still listed as pending. Now I’m emailing no one will answer. And live chat says to wait for an email. 

Yeah, I know I made a mistake using them but too late now. And they’re licensed by the UKGC so I’m sure it’ll sort itself out but thought I’d make myself busy.

Outside of that, there’s some dodgy shit with Progressplay Limited. Two names, Sophie Roberts the support manager and Stuart James in the security and verification department appear on sign up emails but they appear nowhere on the internet, except in other complaints. Going back 2016. Are these people real? Maybe, maybe not. Found a phone number with a London area code that goes to a recorded message. And their headquarters is either in Cyprus or Malta, maybe both, maybe neither. 


This is a really crappy mystery to be fair, but don’t need a deerstalker to know  something’s amiss. 

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