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Vegasoo.com - Don't bonus hunt whatever you do!!

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So, I made a eur300 deposit, and got a eur300 match bonus with 1st time deposit on Vegasoo.com casino

I decided to start things off with a Bonus Hunt. I got 26 bonuses on the initial 300 real money balance and another 11 with the 300 bonus money (mostly 0.20c up to 0.50c bonuses)

I decided to open them, and by the 3rd bonus the games just crashed upon completion of the bonus. I tried several more, but the same thing happened. I would complete the bonus opening, but the money was not credited to my account

After 3 days of no email response, a live chat rep told me that bonus hunting was forbidden, so I checked out the terms, see below;

  • b. Delaying any game round inside any type of game, including free spin features and bonus features, to a later time when there are no more wagering requirements and/or performing new deposit(s) while having free spins features or bonus features still available in a game is prohibited. Players doing so agree to have their bonus and associated winnings declared void.
  • c. Low risk Roulette bets - any outside bet spread combination on Roulette games covering 25 or more (67%) of the 37 unique number spots on the table

So clearly (to me anyway), it says you can't delay bonus openings to a later time when there are no more wagering requirements and/or performing new deposits

Well I didn't do this, I just did a bonus hunt on my initial deposit, including bonus, nowhere near the 40x wager requirements, and I was opening them altogether, and wasn't saving anything for when wager was met etc

I was told no bonus hunting is allowed, full stop, but it clearly doesn't say this in terms, though the dude was having none of it

If I knew bonus hunting wasn't allowed, I would have just opened the bonuses as I got them, but we all know that's not as much fun as opening them together right?

Anyway, I couln't really care less about the deposit bonus, but I can't even get my winnings from the bonuses from the real money deposit

They were happy to let my balance rip to zero as I hunted the bonuses, but a different story once I started to open them

Anyway, clearly a shady bunch, please please please avoid like the plague

I'm sure if they'll twist the above terms to suit their profit margins, they'll twist them all

I only lost eur300 (and 10 hours of bonus hunting, which I was really looking forward to opening, you know how it is), but somebody could lose a lot more

I only chose the site because you can sort by provider which is nice for hunting, and the site looks good, but really I don't think they can be trusted

They still haven't emailed me even once after 5 days, despite the live chat reps promising me a multitude of time, NOR ARE THEY CONTACTABLE BY PHONE which I always find highly dubious

Oh, and apparently they promote responsible gambling? Hahahahahaaha... Scammers!

Happy Printing Dudes and Dudettes!!!






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Bonus hunting (saving game rounds) is prohibited on pretty much every site while under a bonus. On some casinos even without bonus. We'd never recommend you to do such a thing.
Casinos restrict it due to the high risk level for abuse. People could for example accidentally clear the wager while hunting (voiding wager), bonuses could disappear due to a game update etc. etc. 
Casinos don't like it, and for the future I'd recommend you to *always* ask if you can save game rounds or not through the livechat before you do it. It is rarely stated specifically in the terms, but it could fall under another term. 

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