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Lets make an Dono-Wallet for our cancer fighter Casinodaddy familly member Juanito

Bo Nilson

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Lets make an wallet for our cancer fighter casinodaddy familly member Juanito !!!

i heard from a friend who watch the stream that whole community was sad so i thought, we as familly could do something about it....

what do you think about putting up an wallet and we all donate a little bit, everyone what he can ???

i dont wanna own the wallet, i wanna help, Please Fam blow up this post so we can help him, ofc if he wants to....

Post your ideas please, how we can pull up this Adventure ??  Lets make him atleast smile abit !!!

My suggestion would be a trustworthy person manages an Metamask-wallet set up BSC network and we could contribute do that Dono wallet,

otherwise the Bros could make an Casinodaddy Donation Wallet for such opertunitys likewise....

So fam its in our hands, lets do good & i bet you wont regret it if we create something beautiful !!!


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p.s dont let ante own/manage the wallet 🤣
maybe Zyvera could manage that if i think about it...

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hmm ok no interesst untill now , i wasnt really active aswell, we will see what will happen
Have an good weekend everybody !

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