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  1. Rexxor420

    CasinoDaddy Exclusive Chair GIVEAWAY

    REXXOR420 on TWITCH if i dont win its rigged Kappa
  2. Twitch - Rexxor420
  3. Rexxor420

    Book of OZ - Respin Feature into 5 Explorer ?

    one time
  4. Book of OZ - if the game doesnt give you what you want, you have to do it yourself. lol
  5. Rexxor420

    Jammin Jars 3500x

    FINALLY! I got paid by Jammin Jars the sick part is it was my second spin.
  6. Or just Fire RIP and you stop ripping Kappa
  7. 9050€ rexxor420 twitch
  8. Rexxor420

    Pragmatic Play 500€ Competition!

    rexxor420 on twitch
  9. Rexxor420

    First ever HUGE win DoA

    Nice win congrats, do you use windows 98? XD