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  1. Rexxor420

    Big Win on Sports Bet but even bigger miss (98k€)

    Thats what you get if you dont bet on bayern
  2. The Question is will they ever get their Site running? So many Tournaments have been cancelled, the site is often down like now, in many games the score is not right. I've got second place because i didnt get credited 20000 points... I understand its FREE cash to grab but still they should atleast try to fix it.
  3. Rexxor420 on twitch
  4. Rexxor420


    Rexxor420 on twitch gl to everyone!!
  5. REXXOR420 on TWITCH if i dont win its rigged Kappa
  6. Twitch - Rexxor420
  7. Rexxor420

    Book of OZ - Respin Feature into 5 Explorer ?

    one time
  8. Book of OZ - if the game doesnt give you what you want, you have to do it yourself. lol
  9. Rexxor420

    Jammin Jars 3500x

    FINALLY! I got paid by Jammin Jars the sick part is it was my second spin.
  10. Or just Fire RIP and you stop ripping Kappa