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  1. I played some at betvili threw casinodaddy link, won total of 8500euro. First problem was that they had changed so my phonenumber had been switched, they called it a bug and promised to fix it directly, now 10 days later nothing have happend. Then when i made my withdrawal it took some time, i talked with support and they ``said`` they had done half of the withdrawals and promised to do next withdrawal next day. 5 days later nothing have happend. (already verified). Yesterday i got anoyed on it and stupid as i am i cancelled the withdrawals. I played some than had a big hand in bj vip where i splitted and won 6k euro. Only 3k euro was added, then i was thinking it was just a bug and played one more hand. That didnt help. I talked with support and they say i am confused and that they have send out the right amount. In the bethistory it is very clear that they havnt added all, but they keep denying that. Atm account says 3514 euro but it should be 6514euro. Very easy to see as i went all in on the bet at the bottom. Would be nice if any from casinodaddy could help me if i cant fix this myself
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