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  1. t2h

    Jacks paying up - 692x

    Never thought that Jacks would be able to pay like this
  2. t2h

    Biggest one for me so far

    After repeatedly coming back to DoA 2 for the hell of it and numerous times of missing a single wild for the retrigger as well as 2 retriggers without a the infamous wild line I finally managed to hit this piece of gold. Keep up the streaming and best of luck with the printing!
  3. t2h

    Lucky Evening :)

    Hoooly, trying to finish my wager and then this happens..... 😮
  4. t2h

    Almost 1000x on Tombstone

    hey guys, back again with another nice big win - my biggest X win yet . Had like 6 euros left on a 0.2 bet - just won right be4 hitting the bonus balance of my deposit. greetings from germany
  5. t2h

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competiton 31/3

    Guess: 5432 Twitch/Youtube: ticket2hell88
  6. Guess: 7654 Twitch/Youtube: ticket2hell88
  7. Hey guys, been watching for a long time and really enjoy your content. Unfortunate what happened to the points but the real reward of watching your stream are you guys. ❤️ Anyways enough with off topic. Managed to get this nice win after deciding I'd grind out the hearthstopper bonus on Lil'Devil. Enjoy!
  8. t2h

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 3/3

    Guess: 13337 Twitch/Youtube: ticket2hell88
  9. Guess: 15888 Twitch/Youtube: ticket2hell88
  10. Guess: 43210 Twitch/Youtube: ticket2hell88
  11. Guess: 5432 Twitch/Youtube: ticket2hell88
  12. Guess: 7654 Twitch/Youtube: ticket2hell88
  13. Guess: 6543 Twitch/Youtube: ticket2hell88
  14. Guess: 9876 Twitch/Youtube: ticket2hell88
  15. Guess: 7654 Twitch/Youtube: ticket2hell88