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  1. KongThom

    Big Win

    The funny thing is that i needed too send in some extra documentation on a 4k withdraw so i decided too try the new game while i waited so instead of making a 4k withdraw i ended up doing a 19k withdraw instead
  2. KongThom

    Big Win

    Here is the Ozzy Big Win yesterday! Played on 20nok stake at Betsson!
  3. KongThom

    Big Win

    Did some Bonanza and went over too Book of Dead, got the dogs and a retrigger! Going on Vacay in 3 days so this was a nice extra pocket money
  4. KongThom

    Nice Win

    So yeah this happend!!! Too bad for me that Explorer wasnt the Bonus symbol but still hell of a nice win i would say!!!
  5. KongThom

    Big Win

    Got a decent win on Raging Rhino Earlier today!!! Wish i got the Rhino on the last Wheel aswell then the payout would be so much better tho but still a good one!
  6. KongThom

    DOA 2 BIG WIN!!!!!!!

    omg damn nice win man!!!
  7. KongThom

    Big Win

    So i played 200 free spins on Joker Pro wich resulted in 1100kr, went into this Slot and won Big, had too turn around the Money 25times and played it on Gemix after tips from the chat that this was a good slot too wager. Ended up with over 10000kr and cashed out ! But got a very nice hit on Book of RA Classic :D