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    Triple Dragons 820x

    I played with my last Money at 0,75€ stake at Triple Dragons and NOTHING happend. Then i switch with the last 0,14€ to 0,10€ stake and got this win 😭 And "unfortunately" my biggest win until now
  2. Rajiimoe

    Rise of Merlin Base Game Hit

    No not yet. Bonus is active. Hope i can wager with more wins like this
  3. Rajiimoe

    Rise of Merlin Base Game Hit

    Nice Full Line of Merlin on 0,60€ Stake
  4. First Time playing this new Slot and 2nd time Free Spins i like
  5. Rajiimoe

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 04/08

    Rajiimoe 6834€