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  1. Oliver1211s

    San q 5805x

  2. Oliver1211s

    Garga and pinks the perfect combination!

    Don't think it is. Since it has euro sign. Reactoonz demo doesn't show that
  3. Oliver1211s

    Napoleon Base Game Hit

    Nice one, concratz m8
  4. Oliver1211s

    Reactoonz 800x with a 2 euro bet

  5. Oliver1211s

    Biggest cash one so far

    My biggest cash win. And about 20 min later Reactoonz went off. After some playing got around 5k euro payout. Also the replay added SVID_20210408_002717_1.mp4 SVID_20210408_012618_1.mp4
  6. Oliver1211s

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 8/4

    Guess: 11000 Twitch/Youtube: Oliver1211s
  7. Oliver1211s

    Chaos crew 9720x

    Yeah a total of 5.2 k euro profit. And cashed 9k in 3 weeks. It's insane. Never had this before.
  8. Oliver1211s

    Chaos crew 9720x

    My highest X win ever!
  9. Oliver1211s

    Chaos crew 2073x

  10. Oliver1211s

    I broke the game Chaos crew

    Chaos crew keeps giving money. I think I broke the game or something SVID_20210321_205250_1.mp4
  11. Oliver1211s

    Chaos crew agane 8246x

    Omg again a few days after the other. And multiple hits And 1120x on reactoonz. A great night
  12. Oliver1211s

    Chaos crew dit it again 5335x

    Third time in 10 days. First was 3675 10 days ago on a 0.4 bet Second one was 6 days a go with a 6764x on a 0.2 bet Today it was a 5335x on a 0.2 bet. The others are on the forum aswell. SVID_20210317_191235_1.mp4