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    TTR Casino

    Hey there, are you a new casino? Who is your parent company?
  2. jessethome

    Playing under a VPN

    The issue will come when you attempt to withdraw. As said above they will attempt to steal your winnings.
  3. jessethome

    Rabona Attempting Theft

    That is shocking! Especially the way the agent has responded to you! Basically ignoring your facts and saying the management doesnt care and its not counting your €600 bet! These guys will help you! They recently helped me. Michel is the person to email.
  4. Did you sign up with casino daddy? Michel could help you if so
  5. jessethome

    Spin Casino Say 200% Bonus is not valid?

    BIG THANKS TO @Casinodaddy and specifically Michel who sorted this all for me with Spincasino who were not helpful. Best affiliates ive signed up with as they actually help!
  6. jessethome

    Spin Casino Say 200% Bonus is not valid?

    Ive sent you two emails, contacted chat on here and made a post. Have just messaged you.
  7. I signed up to Spin Casino through Casinodaddy, saw the 200% bonus on the sign up screen. However when i signed up the 200% did not show? Support then told me the bonus isnt valid? I forwarded them the link and showed them it is valid but they are saying its not? Can someone help me? I have messaged your company.