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    Crazeplay terms - Cashout rejected

    No it says over 50 and not about 50. it’s the Same discussion, when you talk about discount at a Order of x quantity. i know it’s kinda hard , but I’m not sure but I think I deposited at loco or wills casino where the same terms applied 51 Euro with a max cap of 1500. I know it’s hard and I Would wish for you to get this big win. But maybe you will now read the terms before you play on „smaller“ casinos. Or maybe try to read reviews on forums (aboutslots, askgambler,gamblejoe before). there are many other great ones beside the big names, like Duxcasino,20bet , where you don’t have These headaches about your winnings, besides the not allowed slots. best for you mate
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    Crazeplay terms - Cashout rejected

    Yes, sorry to say. But they state it in their bonus terms.
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