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    Hey.. I won 8200kr on king kong in a bonus 2 weeks ago. I had 150 freespins, it retriggerd up to 750 freespins. 12.50 bet. When the bonus was finished i had balance around 12000kr. I did 2 or 3 spins, then the balcance was down to around 4100kr. (this amount was on my accountbefore i got the bonus) The 8200 dissapeared. I spoke whit the chat 2-3-4-5 min after this. The history from when got the bonus til after the bonus was gone. They informed they would look into it. Asked them almost every day since the incident. Its in progress at tech, is all they said. Then they sent it over to amaya. At least they said. Its 2 weeks since this happend. Today i got answer from cherry. They sent me screenshot of this day and my playing history around this time, showing the same as my history on my account. The time when i had the bonus is blank! They see the case as solved. They wont pay me my money.. Dont now what to do, or if i can do something at all. So either they have an tecnical issue, which they wont admit. Or they scam me. Find it hard to belive the last one, but. At least if i cant do nothing, and wont get my money. I take screenshoot of all my big wins, but ofc i forgot this time! Wonder if that could have changed things I wanna inform others that this actually can accour on cherrycasino. If you play there you risk losing your win cause, most likely, some kind of tecnical error whit theme or the provider. Also. It took them 2 weeks to inform me of this. Dose someone know something about this, or simmular things. Dont know if post in the right location....