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  1. Hello guys, I had recently very bad experience on a website Campobet.com. I decided to register on every forum and share my bad experience with me because I don't anyone to experience the big disappointment that I had! I play on Evolution Gaming's table for years. Last month I had a big win on lightning roullette which was 67 thousand euros!! Yes it is 67000 euro!! Not kidding. When I went to cash out my winning, I was shocked that I am allowed only to withdraw 500 euro PER DAY!!! This is not the only shoke, they withdraw your money once every 3 days! They follow their rules strictly without any excecption. Do you believe that I offered them to take a part of the money and trasnfere me the whole amout at once? Of course they rejected my offer because they just want you to gamble and lose your money. Do you know how does it feel to have 67000 euro on your account but you can't touch them? They want to install your winning for 2 years!! They withdraw 500 euro per week (of course on the weekend they don't do anything) it will take 2 years to receive your whole winning! They just destroyed me after I was very happy. Pleae if you or your friends play there, you need to know it is worthless on Campobet.com. Find another website that offer a faster process and more limits. Thank you for reading. Good luck
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