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  1. hoff1985

    3485x on Phantom of the Opera MG

    OMG!!!! 3 EUR bet. Normal random wild free spins, and i got this screen with a 4x random multiplier this single spin paid around 3460x bet
  2. hoff1985

    Guessing Competition - Bonus Hunt 9/10

    Hoff1985 4444 EUR
  3. hoff1985

    New CasinoDaddy Song :)

    Hey Guys, was creative again and took a few hours to create and record a new CasinoDaddy song Hope everyone likes it!! PS: I'm not a professional producer or singer, just like to have some fun SONG: https://soundcloud.com/hoffcountrych/casinodaddyfamily Cheers
  4. hoff1985

    Guessing Competition - Bonus Hunt 5/10

    Hoff1985 Guess: EUR 5000
  5. hoff1985

    Guessing competition - Bonus hunt 14/9

    Hoff1985 My guess end balance: 3977
  6. hoff1985


    Hoff1985 My guess: 5222
  7. hoff1985

    Bad language

    Family friendly? Holy maccaroni. You need to be 18+ to watch this shit, so guess you can then also deal with the foul language ;-) gambling is NOT family friendly. Never. Like Alcohol, Drugs and Porn. But thats just my fucking opinion man ;-) Take care.
  8. hoff1985

    Bonus Hunt Competition 23/8

    2940 hoff1985
  9. hoff1985

    CasinoDaddy Song <3

    "Studio"-Version: http://www.hoff.ch/casinodaddy_draft.mp3
  10. [video=youtube]https://youtu.be/bKqITsZ4ANg