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    Bethard; is this a serious company?

    Case is solved, after putting high pressure from different "casino-rating-sites" and gambler-forums. And yes, 11 days was a real joke.
  2. I got an email with a 50% bonus up to 1000 NOK. then i made a full deposit on 2000, making my account to be 3000 NOK. so i made some bets and won. suddenly my account was 11 700 nok, after few hours. i was so happy, this is the first time i have made a big win like that. further i checked my account, that my bonus was finished. still so happy with my winnings. before i stopped i tryed out casino, and my luck continued. after finishing playing my account was up in 14 000 nok, making winnings to be 12 000 my biggest win ever!! so i made a withdrawal on everything next day i try to login, a message comes up says my account is blocked i contact support, they say bethard needs to make a security check. this is 11 days ago they have not done anything and i have contacted them so many times I find this extremely unfair, dishonest and highly unproffessional. i will never let them steal my winnings like this right now i dont know what to believe, i thought bethard was a serious company. i have made deposit there once in a while, mostly losing then when i finally win, this is what they do i hope someone here can help me here.