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  1. After a nice Chilli bonus and a 2k bonanza Basegame hit. i was in mood for some danger. After some spins this BEAUTY shows up Feels so unreal. I just stared at the screen for 5 mins.
  2. What a run. But please everybody think about it could have been a huge rip. This Year is going fucking great, but last year i lost 43k€ on the slots. Only gamble what you can afford. Never ever gamble with rent- or Food-Money.
  3. Joon31

    Insane Chilli Session

    Indeed and especially on these betsizes you can rip so fast so many. Last week i ripped 2k€ within 10 mins on chilli .....
  4. Joon31

    Insane Chilli Session

    Thx bro! But its not only printing i mean who would upload his losses? But i´m doing some nice cashouts lately
  5. Joon31

    Insane Chilli Session

    START 500€ Bought a decent Rabbit bonus for 500€ gave me 630€ I went to Chilli and grinded Basegame on 15€ Stake got a HOT+4 I was like ok nice win. LETS GO FOR MAX BET BONUS BUY Got normal Hot but in freespin i got 4 pot retrigger. Lets GO!! Another one, first spin 3 pot retrigger Cashed out 7.500,00€ Bought one last bonus for 350 and made it to GLADIATOR 24 SPINS Cashed out another 2.500,00€ with the 1k left i did 2 gambles on 500€ bonus and lost both ..... Still nice 500€ in 10.000€ out.
  6. 10234 € Joon1987
  7. 12345 € Joon1987