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  1. 16987 € Joon1987 (twitch)
  2. 5678 € Twitch : Joon1987
  3. 27891€ Twitch : Joon1987
  4. 27891 € Twitch: Joon1987
  5. Joon31

    10,000x on Golden Gate!

    DUDE! 10.000x Thats a very very nice hit. Congratz!
  6. Joon31

    5 Scatters Lucky ladys charm

    Nice hit bro. Congratz!
  7. Joon31

    3000x hit on a 1euro bet! Won a Jackpot on Top Cat

    Hahah yeah i believe that. Had bonuses on low balance too thats a double boom but wow 3000x is a crazy hit.
  8. Joon31

    3000x hit on a 1euro bet! Won a Jackpot on Top Cat

    Wow thats a nice hit. Congratz on this cashout
  9. Joon31

    best slots

    .... to the buy the bonus : White Rabbit. .... to Wager: 1. Bonanza 2. DoA 3. Wonky Wabbit 4. Reactoonz
  10. 16789€ Twitch : Joon1987
  11. 24567€ Twitch : Joon1987
  12. Joon31

    Dead or Alive 2500x!

    Wow thats a nice hit. Congratz!
  13. Joon31

    big tilt spins saved my month BlessRNG

    Thats full degen 60€ deposit and doing 4€. i often do the same but if you are unlucky it rips very fast. But congratz on this amazing hit dude!
  14. 23456€ Joon1987 Good Luck bros!
  15. I won yesterday (cashout 1k€ from extra Chilli) You all know that.. you won... and then thinking yes i won that money, so i can affort to gamble with some.... I was down like 600€ already... had like 80€ left. opened white rabbit auto spins with 2 € and went for a smoke. Came back, lucky me! !!!BONUS!!! Look at this beauty: