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  1. Joon31

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 28/2

    Guess: 45752 Twitch/Youtube: CasinoJoon
  2. Joon31

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 6/1

    Guess: 13471 Twitch/Youtube: CasinoJoon
  3. Joon31


    Congratz to 3 Years of awesome Content. Keep it up! Twitch: Joon1987
  4. Joon31

    Vikings 232x on 40€!!! Bet

    Printed up from a 500€ deposit to 2.4k on white rabbit. Went into Vikings and grinded on 10€ bet.... went down to 480€, no big hits tbh and got tilted AF and raised to 40€. Second spin bonus This is the result:
  5. Joon31

    Fat Santa 2285 x 2€ bet

    500€ deposit.. ripped here and there had 120€ left bought the bonus and then this happend
  6. Joon31

    When Rip plays Raw

    Muahahahahahah!!!!! i´m crying, this is gold
  7. Joon31

    Accidentally bet $250 in one spin..

    Wow nice "missclick" congratz!
  8. Joon31

    5100x Book of Gods

    The biggest win of my 3 day Print-Session Total Deposits : 7.800€ Total Cash-Outs: 40350€
  9. Joon31

    "Decent" win on Chilli MAX BET

    WOW! Started with 16 spins, got 4 pot AND 3 pot retrigger GG