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  3. Rapobingo

    Roshtein fake confirmed??

    "Conclusion It’s all very strange that the casinos he’s streaming from has this technical setup, it could however be for other purposes. My best guess is that IF he was using the special “FUN” currency they will find a new technical setup now after it has been revealed." I think 2 days was enough for casino site to fix this that's why he did not stream during weekend after he has been revealed and also did not dare to click again on the practice button. Every normal person would have checked the practice mode many times if see the real balance appears in fun mode and try to figure out what is happening now (and don't close it immediately) but not the "Legit 100% true Fakestein" not, he did not dare click again to investigate what is happenning now WHY???? /Maybe the button was too hot to click on it and afraid of burn his finger don't know /After 2 days he doesn't dare play on N1 WHY??? the devs could not finish their masking work?? Moreover he cliped a video that show real and practice mode and it seems working but not playing with it hmhm (finally the site fixed it temporarily) but did not show whose account is it maybe a friend's account maybe not his. It was a very pathetic and funny attempt. There are a lot of mess about his whole role play. Anyway he is an average or below the avergae hired actor not much.
  4. €4136 reaperland
  5. Rapobingo

    Roshtein fake confirmed??

    I'm juct curious why Fakestein try to explain this incident , blablablabla he talks about it hours for nothing, instead why not log in to his N1 account and show the practice mode again while he is streaming? It is a 1 min work and it would be clear to everyone what happened. But instead do this he playing on other site and show nothing why?,hahahahah the truth is hard.
  6. Rapobingo

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 24/08

    €7459 reaperland
  7. Rapobingo

    Roshtein fake confirmed??

    After he saw his real € balance in practice mode ,closed it immediately ,which says everything and his behaviour tells everything too. he is 100% pure fake and rip-off everybody. This is not a surprise for me. So funny, that he done this job and shit on himself.
  8. Rapobingo

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 23/08

    €5828 reaperland
  9. Rapobingo

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 21/08

    €18640 reaperland
  10. €7144 reaperland
  11. Rapobingo

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 16/08

    €5126 reaperland
  12. 6707€ reaperland
  13. Rapobingo

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 28/07

    8666€ reaperland
  14. 7666€ reaperland