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  1. Not long ago I also got emails about winnings and account verification. Seems it is working now 😊 Thanks to ST Team !
  2. @TranceLucienT There is no answer in this topic about the document proccess time and notification. I use gmail and I contacted them several times , they answered within hours or a few days. , but now there is no answer from them yet that's why I'm asking here. I know the faq and T&C
  3. Does anybody know how long it takes to process the account verification?, will they send an answer email about it or not? If somebody win prizes every time get an email about the winnings or not? Becasue I won a prize, but did not received any emails about it and almost a week past.
  4. You can find every info here: https://www.socialtournaments.com/faq/
  5. In the T&C : 3.4 The Winner will be notified by email using the email address linked with its Account within forty-eight (48) hours following the finalization of the results of the tournament. If the Winner cannot be contacted or does not claim the Prize within seven (7) working days following notification by email, we reserve the right to withdraw the Prize and select an alternative Winner.
  6. I had same problem maybe last week or sg. I think many players had same problems so I think this tournament will be cancelled due to this errors.
  7. twitch: reaperland
  8. Hi I couldn't find any info about it in the T&C that's why I rather ask before do anything. Thank you for the answer I will notify you if my brother signs up too. Anyway I like these free , no risk casino tournaments. Good promotion!
  9. Is it possible to register and play 2 people from 1 household ?
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    tw: reaperland
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    Game of Thrones Mega Big Win (900X)

    Depsoit 10€ got 50% bonus+ 50 free spins 35X wage at Multilotto( today's calendar promo) Last few € and got this then wagered 770€ and finally cashout 268€ Christmas is coming!