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  1. Scallius

    Guessing Competition 1/7

    3115 Scallius
  2. Scallius

    roshtein fake??

    The only thing I have to say is: If he plays these bets and can easily cash out profit due to the bonuses, casinos supporting him would be bankrupt in 2 weeks. It can not work the way he plays.
  3. Scallius

    Guessing Competition 23/6

    9.650 Scallius
  4. Scallius - twitch
  5. Is this something that will stay around? Or just this week?
  6. Scallius

    I kinda won Final countdown basegame

    That's insane.. congrats!
  7. Scallius

    Big Fat Rabbit hit 4846x

    Thanks! I legit have never ever seen the full screen rabbit. Was such a sick start as well. Had 3 full screen spins. (Every full screen is a 1000x)
  8. Scallius

    Big Fat Rabbit hit 4846x

    So I hit 6.600x on DoA 2 earlier this week. Now I got this today... Fuuck 😁
  9. Scallius


    5 scatters + wildline, holy shit!
  10. Scallius

    Guessing Competition 20/4

    6421 Scallius
  11. Scallius

    Fat Santa 928x!

    Finally a good win on this!