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  1. Physx22

    Guessing Competition 9/7

    8765 € Twitch: Doug_heffernan1
  2. Had 2 times 1000X win on Ramses Book within only 4 minutes. First picture shows feature win on 0.25€ for 250€ and 2nd picture a full line of best symbol on 0.50€ for 500€ win.
  3. Physx22

    Ikibu Casino Scam

    The Bonus Term they refer to: Where any Welcome Bonus has been granted to you, you shall be entitled to request a withdrawal of your bonus winnings only once you have met all wagering requirements, and you will be limited to a maximum bonus winnings withdrawal value of 3 (three) times your original bonus amount granted on your 1st or 2nd deposit and any remaining balance will be forfeited unless you request that all of your withdrawal be returned to your account for further wagering.
  4. Physx22

    Ikibu Casino Scam

    This is the E-Mail i got. from them: Hello Julian I would like to let you know that you have requested a withdrawal amount of €700. According to the bonus terms and conditions a maximum withdrawal value of 3 times must be applied in the first 2 welcome bonuses. However, if you wish to keep on playing you may do it by reversing your withdrawal and wagering it according to our terms and conditions with new wagering requirements. You will be able to withdraw your funds without any limit when new wagering is completed. In this case, you need like to wager your full balance €700 the new wagering requirements will be 100X(40x40)= €8.000. Otherwise, if you decide not to play and withdraw your previous amount the max withdrawal value of 3 times will be applied. That means, you will get €120 and any remaining balance will be forfeited. You need to contact us by chat or email and must inform us which of the two options you prefer. Note that if you don't get in touch with us by tomorrow Thursday 17th at 11:00 CETthe max value of 3 times will be applied. If you have any further queries, please do not to hesitate to contact us. Regards, Chief Ikki www.ikibu.com
  5. Physx22

    ikibu max cashout

    Same for problem for me. they only want to cashout 120€ instead of 700. Had a long chat with support and they didnt change their mind. I also mentioned you and your forum. They say that you provided wrong infos. You really should end the partnership as soon as possible because this site is like pure scam. Never heard of a need of a 2nd wager to withdraw after 1st wager was cleared
  6. Physx22

    Ikibu Casino Scam

    Hello everybody. I just got scammed by Ikibu Casino. I made my first deposit there 40€ with 100% bonus and wager 2400€. I cleared the wager with a rest of 700€ and wanted to withdraw. Now they say i can only withdraw 120€ or wager the 700€ for 8000€ !!!! again to withdraw. This is pure scam. I never saw anything like this...
  7. Physx22

    1000x on Fancy Fruits

    Hello guys, this is my first post here. Tonight i had a huge hit on Fancy Fruits. Got a full line of sevens with 1€ bet and won 1000x. Here is the screenshot