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  1. Would have hit nearly 100k€ if Bayern Munich would have lost the German Cup final
  2. Hit it on LeoVegas. Raw Cash
  3. @ShawSlots it´s 3 lines full explorer bottom left to upper middle and bottom right. Upper left to lower mid and upper right and straight line on the 3rd
  4. @Emiuuul call him explorer if you want to
  5. Hey guys, just did some minor graphic design combined with some math. The question i asked myself was, what would be the highest single spin BoD win. Someone in chat said it would be 5500x if you hit 5 cowboys in a line within cowboy freespins. My solution results in 7040,5x. Am i right with my thougts? (i know it would be really rare to happen) :D greetings from Germany :)
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