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Big win (€67k) and KYC problems at Evolve

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I recently won a vast amount of money on Infectious 5, almost max win, playing at evolve casino.

During withdrawal, they want me to do the KYC-process.


I sent them some documents and they said everything is fine,

a day or two later, they said that they needed a photo of my CC. Of course, they need ot know that i own the card i deposited with.

The problems begins here, as the automatic emails i get does not have the link to submit the documents, as such, i can not comply. Their support told me to email the photos instead, and back i got that "due to our privacy policy, we cannot accept photos of CC".


To me, this casino have started to smell like a scam. Would be happy to recieve help from Casino daddy here, if possible.


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Hello extincedotse,

Could you pop me a message on the aboutslots livechat if this is still relevant? Then I can have it looked at. 

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