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Big win videos!

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Captain Venture 190 spins in the bonus game!!! I had a 5 scatter RE, I thought this is the “pattern”, but no!!

Got me right out of trouble, phew  

1462 X

I’ve shortened the vid to the last few mins. 
A few days later I had 116 spins for 829 X



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Sorry i was not recording because this balance started at 50$. Hit 3750x on new Mad Cars Push Gaming slot. Fucking insane! .50 cent bet. I thought i was going to lose it.

Screenshot 2022-08-22 201018.png

Screenshot 2022-08-22 201006.png

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so this was my first out of two free spins that i got, this one (first one) payed 463 euro. after couple of min i got another one, and this one payed 407 euro, both on 30 cent bet. My wife choose this game because she finds it very cute, i was just whatever just pls somene pay me something xD. anyway i did withdraw immediately half of it i think, but all in all i got away with 1000 euro withdraw, 360  euroon balance left for playing, so I got to play 3 days in a row just chillin 

IMG-20220903-WA0006 (1).jpeg


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