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My top rated casino!

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I thought I'd give credit where credit is due. I've used your link to High roller Casino for the no-sticky welcome package. I used all the welcome package and was contacted by a VIP host Lina, who said she wanted to be my VIP host and wanted to verify me fully to give me a 10% cashback on all deposits. She also offered me bonuses in the form of free spins or no-sticky bonuses how ever I wanted to choose. I receive my cash back every week on time and have multiple no-sticky bonus a week to utilize. These range from 50% to 100% on up to $500 from what I've seen. I cant say enough good things about my host or support on the site. All engagement I've had has been a positive one.

As for the site, it is miles ahead of others in terms of user friendly and very clean looking. The site looks just the way anyone would expect from a high-end site that seems to care for their customers. I have had several cash outs with 0 issues and always receiving my cash out to my bank account within 30min. Anyone from Canada knows that that is not an easy thing with other casinos. 

I am a VIP on multiple casinos over the years, they have offered me gifts ranging from trips and very generous offers from both online and brick and mortar casinos. From the interactions I have with High Roller I feel like they treat me well and I'm comfortable to say that I think all players should try them out. 

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