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thank you hacksaw!

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thank you hacksaw!

i been playing slots online for 8+ years, i been playing on tons of casinos, tried almost every provider out there, as you can see in my bonus hunt thread. anyway, always been like few hundreds in loss, all good, normal stable casino rtp. but, since hacksaw came in, and since their magical games popped up, i am down over 18k usd. i am playing on 0.2 usd, i always play diff games and providers, but, as every stupid degenerated streamer is playing hacksaw and getting max wins, i tried hacksaw hard, of course. but, the disgusting bullshit never paid me. never ever, i am down hardcore past few months, and only because of hacksaw. they owe me tons of money and if the rtp have to work, i should get 100kx to be break ever. will never happen. so, even you can see tons of great wins, hacksaw is the most disgusting shit out there. but, to get back to my point, because i have found what hacksaw is, and what any other provider can be, i stopped playing from now on. will never ever depo any single penny to any online casinos, because i have found out what criminal is all this about. pure mafia, bullshit, scam and so. just wait and you will see some busts in hacksaw, remember my words, they are nothing else than a thievery, most disgusting provider ever born. remember my words, you will find out by yourself soon, if you have to enjoy the bullshit your way ;)

thank you hacksaw, hope you all will end up in jail asap, have luck everyone on aboutslots and keep up the great work casinodaddy! love, always will! ;)

svit! :)




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