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Triple wild reel on Star Cash. No respin?

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Hey everyone. Just thought I should share with you my story with is happening as I write this post. 

I played the slot game Star Cash which features expanding wilds just like Starburst.  I got 3 wilds, which turned into wild reels EDIT I got wild on 3rd reel winning 0x, re-spin giving wilds on 2nd and 4th reel, winning 43x  mBTC. However I dit NOT get a second respin. 

The paytable says: "Wild symbol" is Wild substitute for all symbols. "Wild symbol" expands over the reel and triggers the RE-SPIN. All reels containing "Wild symbol" are held, and all other reels are respinned once. The maximum number of re-spins is 2. "wild symbol" appears on reels 2,3 and 4 only.

According to the paytable I was supposed to get a RE-SPIN with all 3 wild reels held. This did not happen.

I have sent a complaint to the casino site, and they have forwared my complaint to GameArt. 

Any thoughts from you guys? Am I wrong here? Should I not get a respin when this happens?

Star Cash error.png

Game Rules.png

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Update on this issue.

I got an answer from support:



Hello xxx,

We have an update regarding your Star Cash issue. According to the result of further investigation, the Wild Star symbol did re-spin in the relevant round and then it deployed on the 4th reel. It Triggered the re-spin and appeared on 2nd and 3rd reel. Eventually, it gave you MegaWin and that ended up with 8.60 winning credit. It was already filled 2nd and 3rd reel at the first re-spin, so there was no need to make a 2nd re-spin as Wild Star symbol can only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. 

If you have further queries, just hit "Reply" and let us know.



I sent them a reply



Hello Timur

Thinking back, I do not recall whether I got all three Wild Star symbols on 1 spin or after 1 re-spin. I guess you could be right. I may have had 1 re-spin

I am still not happy with the answer though. Why is there no re-spin after the three Wild Star symbols have landed, given that I only had 1 previous re-spin?

The game rules clearly says, and I quote from the game:"All reels containing Wild Star symbols are held, and all other reels are re-spinned once. The maximum number of re-spins is 2.

To me the rules basically says "if you have not yet had 2 re-spins and you hit a wild, you wil have another re-spin". You are telling me I am not entitled to another re-spin because there are no extra wilds to hit?That is complete garbage, I should be entitled to re-spin, with no chance to get another wild or a 3rd re-spin as there are no more wilds to hit, and because there is only 2 re-spins

If I am wrong then this should say explicitly in the game rules.

This game is clearly a copy of Netent's StarBurst, which has the same in-game rules as Star Cash. The only difference is, when you hit 3 wild reels you still get one re-spin. The same also applies for other slot providers such as Betsoft's "Fruit Zen"

So I ask again: Why am I not entitled to a re-spin when I have only had 1 re-spin and I have just hit a wild? Other providers with exactly the same in-game mechanics in their slots give you a free-spin, why not GameArt?



Response from the casino website (not the provider):



Hello XXX,

As it is mentioned before, this is the result of the further investigation which is carried out by the game provider itself. 

We can assure you that it is impossible to get any unfair outcomes regarding game provider investigations. The game provider has verified the round as there was not an issue with the relevant spins and provided all necessary details which we directly shared with you. Thus, we are totally confident to say everything was fine with the relevant round.

And my response back:



Yes. I am aware you are not the provider of the slot. 

GameArt seems to have made an exception of their own rules. Again I quote the rules:

1) All reels containing Wild Star symbols are held, and all other reels are re-spinned once. 
2) The maximum number of re-spins is 2.

Rule 2 is not valid as there has only been 1 re-spin.
Rule 1 states that I am supposed to have all (3 wild) reels held, while the other two re-spins for a 2nd time.^

I did not get a re-spin after hitting 3 wilds. As fas as I can see 1) is being invalidated. The game rules are very simple. The response given to me was that I cannot expect a re-trigger when I have 3 wilds active. I do however expect it as the rules do not say otherwise.

I would like a response from GameArt about why they seem to be breaking their own rules. If they cannot give me a good answer I will put my story on several gambling forums to warn them about GameArt as a slot provider. I do of course not warn about your website, as your both your support and website is excellent.

Best regards

Response from casino:



Hello XXX,

We have contacted the game provider again for clearing doubts. And they have explained to us that the second re-spin is not assured that you will receive it, only the first re-spins.

Your round got one re-spin and win was added to your balance, therefore, you did not hit the second re-spin.

If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,


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