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Summer/Winter Slot-lympics Stream Idea


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Summer / Winter Slot-lympics
Charity 24hour or Weekend event filled with slot fun and crazy punishments.
You can run it on the stream anniversary or do it as a fundraiser event.
There would be different events some team based and other events you would challenge each other directly.
Events could be triggered by donation milestones if it's for charity eg. "We just hit 5k donations let's do the Chilli Cringe Challenge "(example name). 
You could do giveaways, community deposits and bonus hunts for the viewers.
Some example events I can imagine that might be fun..
Biggest/Most Bonus Race - Solo/Team - Everyone is given a deposit limit and must turn it into the most money or get the most bonuses they can within a certain time, you could also use this as a team relay race with different deposits on different casinos. Alternative is a limited number of spins to see who can either hit the most bonuses or get the highest x win. 
Chili Challenge - solo/team - extra chilli bonus buys, eat a chili if you miss the gamble or fail to hit profitland.
Balance Builder - solo/team - start with a set number of spins and try to build a decent balance from it, sort of like the $1 - $1000 challenge.
Poker / Blackjack tourney - solo - speaks for itself but have punishments when you get knocked out. Could even have donations to save you like hunger games.
Slot Alphabet - group - play a slot machine for each letter of the alphabet?
Head to Head - solo - 250 Spins each, same slot, most money is the victor. Loser gets punished.
...Of course everyone would need costumes as well, they could be punishments or donation milestones. Jesus outfit, Eagle, Ship Captain, Profit Deprtment, Luchadores wrestling outfits, lagoon creature, fairy queen. Maybe for Halloween.
Add any events or any punishments you think could work, remember to keep it within the twitch/YouTube ToS.
Feel free to remember me if your brolos decide to go along with this. 
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