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The story of Andrew


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hi guys some days ago i run into this article about the story of a hacker who found a system to "beat" slots. 

Basically what he did was cracking the PRNG used in certain slot models, in order to predict the result. 

Then he gathered a team of people, provided with an app he developed to spot the right moment they had to press the button (the factor 'time' is really important in RNG). They actually went to play in physical slots with the support of this up and "earned" millions of dollars in this way. The article i read was on Wired, if you interested you can go through it here  . It was a really good reading =D

Here my question now: do you know this story? do you know something more about this hack?  would it be actually possible to use it? 

I found further guides explaining how that system could be re-applied; you just need some math and some computing expertise. I’m not a pro in math nor in computing, i wouldn't waste time to go deep in it if it's just a legend, or it's just not working anymore…


What a good story by the way no? *.*

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