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Casumo SOW takes forever

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So i got lucky and won on casumo. after depositing 1.2k i withdrew 3.5k euro and after a couple of minutes i got an email saying i need to verify my source of wealth. I only have a phone so had some trouble uploading bank statements, sallery and so on.
After a couple of days i fixed it and had the pdf file. Now when i tried to log in to my account it said they had paused my account untill my verification was complete. I then sent in my last documents on email and they would come back to me after they had checked it all. And ofcourse it was a ton of questions about my money in and out on my bank statement but i explained it all to the smallest detail.

Now its been 2 weeks since we sorted all of the documents and explaining and they are still looking through my account they say. There ia currently 3.5 k in locked withdrawls in there that i would like to get. I have sent them and explained everything they wanted so i dont know why it’s taking them so long. Im lvl 180 and been on casumo for 2-3 years i believe but that doesnt matter at all it seems.


sorry for my english


thanks for any help/answers

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Hey ImTeeD,

I've got the same thing, I'm still waiting on locked withdrawals. I've uploaded the required documents right away, hoping for a fast verification so they can send me my withdrawals. But i havent heard from them since... And it takes so long, and now i'm quite scared that they gonna scam me or something. 

For you its been almost a month now, have you accomplished the SOW verification? and did you get your withdrawals? 



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