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Gates Of Olympus - Insane base game Wins last Week -- 1162x (3rd spin ) and 1240x (Double 500x Drop!!)


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I had two great wins on Gates of Olympus last week ,  

1162x base game tumble win on 3rd spin after a fresh $50 + 100% Deposit 


(1k Cashout)

And this next one is a MUST WATCH !! ...
1240x  like BAMM 500x ..500x Double Drop and scare the hell outta me..


I wish it was in the free games would have been a max win for sure.. but I'll take  it ;)

(2k Cashout)

Thankyou .. me and Zeus besties now.. 

(Honourable Mention)

Madame Destiny got jealous and dropped me my first ever 25x  with 8 spins ...


Look at all the Pussycats!! First spin lol

cheeky 500x thankyou.. 

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