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Infectious 5 xWays (55555x) lille big win


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Two days ago I decided to deposit 200 DKK (27€) and I proceeded to play some low stakes (0.27€ cent) 

I just moved from my parents to my own rented apartment, so I literally had 200 DKK left on my account after paying for furniture etc.

After a few hours of winning and losing I decided to go all degen on a NoLimit I've never won on before.

I bought a 4 scatter bonus with my last money and I had 0.64 DKK left (0.086€)

I won max win. 111.110 DKK which is about 15000€. 🤑

I uploaded a video on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzEv5s7Bfng

I also have the win from NoLimit

The win on the picture would have paid 60000-70000, but it capped at 111.110, but its alright. I'm so happy and stoked, and the money are already in my bank account!



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