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Vegadream Casino , Legit ?? Balance just vanished as i struggling to get wager done !!

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So i made an 1000 euro deposit 100% bonus 30 % wager !! was playing along and everthing was fine, 36 hours later im still going kinda good , 5 k left to wager with 1500 bonus balance left, Then i see i got a mail from vegadream about a free cash drop. and i couldnt see it on my account, so i got hold of live chat to see how to get the freecah drop, So i had my balacne screen up at same time as he was doing he,s magic to get my  Free cash. And once the free cash landed on my account, My whole  bonus balance  just vanished, Asked him Wtf he just did, and all he said it,s beeing investigated,  And so i waited now 4 days  ( Nothing ) how hard can that be to fix, i just dont understand  =(            So here,s how my balance is looking now,    Before cashdrop, afer , and now ..

Getting some real good scam vibes  from this !!!      Any1 Heard of smthing simular happening ?? and why and so on ?  Was it cuz real money  was added and thats why bonus money got lost ?,  since they wont give me any info on whats going on , its getting kinda frustrating  to say the least  :  hope it get resolved soon  =(


So, Still No more info then they are aware of the problem, and they will sort it as fast as possible, 1 would think a new casino like this would want good Rep , Stuff like this is only negative for em , and its  most likley takes a few min for them to fix, so i still cant see what the problem is .. sorta getting Pissed !!!




Balance before cashdrop.png


Balance after cashdrop.png

Balance now.png

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