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CBET Refusing to give Casino Daddy Offer and claiming Casino Daddy are lying about being an affliate


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I signed up to CBET using the link and the code from Casino Daddy and now have been told by two chat agents this is not a real offer and they have said that Casino Daddy is lying about this offer - I understand tht this is not true and that Casino Daddy is an affliate of CBET. The chat agents are rude and unhelpful and one accused m of making a fake page with a fake offer on to try and trick them into giving me the offer - are they for real?! 

How do they get away with treating players like this? I sent them links and screen shots of the offer and they have flat out refused to give the offer or awknowledge any affliation with Casino Daddy. 

lies again.JPG

lies 3.JPG

french lies 2.JPG


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